CMP Initiative

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on 31st May, 2009)  


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Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realised or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation


Improvement of Writing Skills

Class - Ist

Hindi, Eng, Maths



Mr. R.K. Diwakar (H.M.)


Improvement of Drawing

Class - IInd

Hindi, Eng, Maths





Reading and Writing skills of English Improvement

Class - IIIrd

Hindi, Eng, Maths, EVS





Improvement of Environmental studies.

Class - IVth

Hindi, Eng, Maths, EVS





Improvement of Calculation skills

Class - Vth

Hindi, Eng, Maths, EVS




  A Quarterly report ofimplementation of CMP for qualitative improvement of Primary Education


 With reference to letter no. F. 180367/2008/RO,DDN/4031-4090 dated 30.01.2009; in order to strengthen the Primary Education inKendriya Vidyalaya, KVS has launched a flagship programmetitled �Common Minimum Programme for qualitativeimprovement of Primary Education and to implement it in its letter and spirithas given so many instructions and guidelines.

Keeping in view all the instructionsand guidelines provided by the KVS the following efforts were put on by the administrationof KV, NER, Bareillyto make the CMP a great success.

  1. Activity room has been enriched with technological equipments like over head projector (OHP), LCD projector and Computers etc.
  2. In order to make the study joyful various activities like play-way-method is stressed upon and all the possible children friendly activities like- film shows, cultural activities are done from time to time.

Inorder to develop creative skill among the student recently one Clay Modeling competitionwas organized in which the students took keen interest and made different kindsof things like-fruits, vegetables, kitchen sets, flower pots, animals, birds,reptiles etc.

Educationalpictures were also shown to them from time to time in computer room. Studentsof primary section were also taken to the FUN CITYwhich was a part of Educational Excursion.

  1. In class-Library, a new set of books of students interest and level has been provided and also issued to each and every student.
  2. Worksheets of every subject for CCE were framed covering all the competencies and distributed among the students to adjudge their performance and later on got them pasted in their note-books with their parents signature on them.
  3. As per the instructions the teachers (PRTs) were motivated to plan their lesson on computers, take help on educational CDs, internet and make their teaching more and more activities oriented and joyful. They were also motivated to make the maximum use of teaching aids and were asked to give their requirements to HM for the teaching-learning material so that the students may grasp the lesson or concept easily and joyful.
  4. Supervision is done by HM and necessary suggestions are also given from time to time to make the teaching more and more interesting, valuable and effective.